Message  from the Chairman


Mr. C. P. Ho


I am honoured and delighted to welcome you to the 60th Anniversary Website of the International Social Service, Hong Kong Branch.


Our journey over the 60 years here reflects the story of Hong Kong and its efforts to overcome problems of various kinds, from orphans left homeless after World War II to new arrivals from China burdening, then contributing to the city's burgeoning economy. There were "boat people" or refugees from Vietnam seeking safety and shelter in the 1980s, cross-border marriages as Hong Kong developed closer ties with Mainland China in the 1990s and 2000s, and non-refoulement claimants who called Hong Kong their temporary home from the 2010s. All played a unique role in the course of Hong Kong's history. And ISS-HK was the organization they turned to for assistance and advice when in need.


In the course of which, we pioneered intercountry adoption services and post-migration programmes for Mainlanders settling in Hong Kong. We also rose to the challenge to launch the Vietnamese Refugees and Migrants Programmes as well as ventured into Mainland China to provide marriage and family counselling service to families across the border. Today, we are still taking on new challenges, offering assistance to non-refoulement claimants and providing an International Child Protection Service for the growing number of Chinese studying and living abroad.


These are among the diversified services we now provide, touching on the lives of thousands of migrants, ethnic minorities and the needy.


Sixty years from our establishment, we have remained the persevering, professional and trustworthy organization that cross boundaries in service and support of families and children. One of our biggest challenges is to evolve and adapt constantly to the changing needs not only of Hong Kong but also beyond the seas in other parts of the world.


As Chairman of ISS-HK, I am proud we have reached another milestone. That this has been possible at all is due to the efforts and support over the years by our members, friends, associates and partners. In this respect, I am personally appreciative of such support and thank you all. I look forward to working with you in ISS-HK's ongoing journey to make Hong Kong a just, humane and caring society.