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Ripples Action Participated by Close to 150 Women and Children in Tuen Mun

The annual Ripples Action took place last Saturday (8 October 2016) at Yan Oi Tong Community Centre in Tuen Mun, providing a range of free activities including Pap smear check-up, a legal talk, a talk on family financial management, a health talk, psychiatrists’ consultation session, blood test and children activities to nearly 150 women and children in the Tuen Mun district.

The High Court Judge Mr. Justice Patrick Li officiated at the opening ceremony of the event. At his speech, he talked about the struggles of women by sharing the stories of his mother, who have been taking care of his family tirelessly throughout the years. He also urged all women at the audience to put their own health and well-being first, before taking care of their children.

Initiated by a group of female members of the community and organisations who have a passion for community affairs, Ripples Action is a campaign which aims to set off a far-reaching ripple effect where communities start getting involved and connecting with each other through acts of giving. Since March 2008, Ripples Action has reached out to the broader community through a series of activities.

The 2016 event is organised by Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers, The Hong Kong Women Doctors Association, Association of Women Accountants, International Social Service Hong Kong Branch, Hong Kong Nurses General Union, and Dr. Ellen Li Charitable Foundation.