ISS Family Institute


Advisory Committee
  • Chairman - Dr. Chung See Yuen
  • Member - Dr. Joseph Lee
  • Member - Mrs. Peter Choy
  • Member - Mr. Louis Lam
  • Member - Dr. Lau Yuk-king
  • Ex-officio Member, Mr. Stephen Yau (Chief Executive, ISS-HK)
  • Ex-officio member - Mrs. Peggy Chan (Director of Programme, ISS Family Institute)
The ISSFI Circle of Friends Think Tank

This is a group of devoted alumni who assist in the planning and implementation of the programmes and activities of the Family Institute and our Circle of Friends community.

The Teaching Team
  • Mrs. Peggy Chan - M.Ed, R.S.W.

    Director of Programme
    ISS Family Institute
    International Social Service Hong Kong Branch

    Mrs. Peggy Chan started her study of Bowen theory in the early 1990s in Vancouver through the two year program on Family Systems Therapy at Pacific Coast Family Therapy Training Association. She has attended 5 years of the Postgraduate Program in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Its Applications at the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, Washington DC, U.S.A, and has been participating in its Research Seminar group since 2013. She is a member of the Bowen Center’s Network Program for the Advancement of  Bowen Theory, and collaborates with other Bowen theory training centers around the world to promote better teaching and learning of Bowen theory. She has presented at the 51st Annual Symposium of the Bowen Center in Virginia, in 2014, and the plenary session of the First International Conference on Bowen Family Systems Theory in Pittsburg, in August, 2015.

    Mrs. Peggy Chan was trained as a social worker (B.Soc.Sc., HKU), counselor (M.Ed., U. of Toronto) prior to her family systems training. She has over 20 years of experience in counseling individuals, couples and families, and training of professionals. Her areas of specialization include marital and women‘s issues, sexual issues, loss and grief, parent-child relationship difficulties, and cultural adaptation. She is Honorary Assistant Professor of The University of Hong Kong, teaching and supervising M.Soc.Sc. (Counselling) students since 2002. She is Associate Fellow and Approved Supervisor of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association.

    She has conducted many workshops and courses on the systemic way of seeing relationships, and the applications of Bowen theory in clinical practice, work situations and family. She has developed a parenting program based on Bowen theory to the local Chinese community, as well as to parents of substance abusers through partnering with a local non-governmental organization. Mrs. Chan is interested in working with parents to develop greater emotional maturity and subsequent better connection with children.

  • Ms. Berenice Lee - M.Counselling

    Berenice first learned about Bowen family systems theory in her Master of Counselling course in Australia in 2006. She has been an active participant in various courses, workshops and conferences with ISSFI since 2010. She is a member of the ISSFI Circle of Friends (COF) Think Tank right from the start and has helped to organize programs for the Circle of Friends and Bowen Theory Conferences in many ways.

    Berenice holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Master of Arts in American Literature and Culture and Master of Counselling. She specializes in marital and family relationship counseling, parental guidance, personal coaching, psychotherapy for individuals, and workplace dynamics. She has a private practice in Hong Kong and uses Bowen theory as her framework that a person’s understanding of the effects of reciprocity will bring about a significant change for one’s whole family and the workplace. 

  • Ms. Shirley Leung - M.Soc.Sc, M.B.A.

    Shirley Leung is a Counselor practicing Bowen theory and specializes in parent-child relationship difficulties, marital issues, adult emotional and interpersonal difficulties, elderly emotional issues and personal development. She learned about Bowen theory when she was studying the Master of Social Sciences (Counselling) programme at the University of Hong Kong. After learning various counselling approaches at HKU, she has obtained more in-depth knowledge of Bowen theory and started applying the theory in daily life and in clinical settings. Shirley joined the COF Think Tank since 2013. She has been helping with the coordination of the Family Institute’s activities as well as teaching of courses.

    Shirley also has rich experiences from the business sector. She used to work with local and international media companies in cross-cultural environments. She obtained her MBA degree from the EMBA programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her experiences and training gained from the business world helped her much in understanding the complexity human relationships, and in expanding her appreciation of the use of the Bowen theory in the business settings and organizational management.

  • Ms. Rachel Fung - M.Soc.Sc. (Social Work), M.Soc. Sc. (Mental Health)

    Rachel is inspired by Bowen family system theory since 1999. Bowen theory enhances her understanding of human relationships, awareness of the roles of the helping professionals, as well as appreciation of choices and possibilities. Rachel is active in the learning of Bowen family system theory and therapy, and has participated in different training courses, group supervision and conferences organised by ISSFI. She is pleased to become a member of the COF Think Tank and the Teaching Team which aims at promoting Bowen family system theory in the local context.

    Rachel graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Psychology (Hons), Master of Social Sciences in Mental Health and Master of Social Sciences in Social Work. For over 10 years, she has applied Bowen family systems theory in her different work areas, e.g. youth delinquency, small group home, mental health, school with special education needs children and family crisis. Rachel learned that awareness of one’s anxiety and being self-focused are crucial to effective counselling and a healthy life course. In recent years, Rachel enjoys exploring Bowen family system theory in Christian counseling and the workplace.

  • Ms. Jessie Tse - M.Soc.Sc.(Counselling), R.S.W.

    Jessie learnt Bowen family systems theory since studying the Master of Social Sciences (Counselling) programme at HKU in 2009. This formal training was her milestone to study Bowen theory through courses, workshops, supervision group and conferences by ISSFI since 2011. She was invited to join the Circle of Friends Think Tank to initiate activities for the ISSFI Circle of Friends since 2013.

    Jessie is a school social worker in a non-governmental organization.  She strives to practice Bowen family systems theory in her daily life, and in the school setting through her casework service, workshops for students and parents.   She attended the conference organized by The Family Systems Institute in Sydney in 2013. She also joined the trip to visit the Bowen theory training centre in Taiwan in 2014 to share how Bowen theory can be applied in Chinese society. These cross cultural experiences were valuable for Jessie to consolidate her understanding and applications of Bowen theory in working with parents and students.