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Journey into Family of Origin

This group aims to enhance self-understanding and functioning by providing fundamental ideas and experience of family-of-origin work, based on the Bowen Family Systems Theory. The self in the context of one’s family-of-origin will be reviewed.

Course Objectives
  • To learn to become ‘researcher’ of our families
  • To discovering patterns and themes in our relationships with others and in our family of origin
  • To identifying the triangles that we are caught in, and the major triangles of our family of origin
  • To understanding our functional position, and our emotional triggers
  • To creating more options for the future, and to learn not to replicate undesirable patterns in the present.
Course Content

At the first session, the trainer will present the guideline for starting a research into one’s emotional system, and demonstrate by presenting her research into her family of origin, identifying triangles and relationship patterns in the family emotional system, and action strategies to deal with emotional reactivity. Ground rules and expectations of group members will be discussed. The rule of confidentiality applies to the group. The group members will take turns to do presentation of their research into their family-of-origin for the remaining sessions. Besides learning through the research process outside the group hours, group members learn during the group hours how to observe, and think by relating the theory to the phenomena.

Course Details
Date & Time: This will be a small group of not more than 6 members.
8 sessions, 24 hours
Targets:  Helping professionals, and people interested in self-growth.

Mrs. Peggy Chan    B.Soc.Sc., M.Ed., R.S.W.