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Parenting workshops

Parenting workshops based on the Bowen family systems theory provide an opportunity for parents to learn ways to enhance their emotional maturity so as to connect with their child effectively.

Course Objectives
  • To enhance parents to adopt systems thinking in their parenting, so that they can be aware of the multitude of factors affecting the child’s behaviours.
  • To enhance parents’ awareness of reciprocity in their interactions with their children.
  • To enhance parents’ awareness of own emotional reactivity pattern and ability for emotional self-regulation.
  • To facilitate parents to be self-focused and work on their own emotional maturity.
  • To facilitate parents to connect with their children effectively.
Course Content
  • A systemic way of looking at the child’s problems. Difference between linear perspective and systemic perspective
  • The role of anxiety in children’s behaviours and parent-child relationships
  • Becoming an emotional mature parent
  • Triangling
  • Child focused families
  • Reciprocal functioning
  • Sibling position
  • Managing children’s conflicts
Course Details
Date & Time: 6 sessions, 18 hours
Targets:  Parents 

Mrs. Peggy Chan