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Delayed Webcast Lectures: Conversations with the Faculty 2017-18 (7th Lecture)
Course Objectives
  • To get in touch with the latest thinking of the Bowen theory, and the sharing of experienced Bowen theorists.
  • To enhance understanding and applications of the Bowen theory.


Course Content

This conversation will consider how Bowen theory can inform organizations as they encounter and manage transition. A case study will examine the impact of Bowen theory on program organization and implementation before, during, and after a functional shift.


Course Code: WCF 07/17-18
Date & Time: May. 5, 2018 (Sat)  4:00 pm – 6:30 pm

International Social Service Hong Kong Branch
6/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Targets: Helping professionals, and anyone interested in Bowen theory

Lecture: English (no subtitles)
Debriefing and discussion: English / Cantonese


$1,350 Annual Pass (10 sessions)
$1,200 Annual Pass (ISSFI Circle of Friends)
$600 Full time Students
$200 Individual Session

(Can be used as 10 tickets, e.g. 3 persons can use 3 tickets at one lecture)

Annual Pass 

The series consists of 10 lectures, each conducted by a different speaker. Click here to view Schedule_for_2017-18

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Lecture 7    May. 5, 2018
What Are the Differences between Attachment Theory and Bowen Family Systems Theory?

This conversation will describe attachment theory, its origins in psychoanalysis, and its emphasis on caregiver style as important in the development of a child. It will also present a family systems view of the families, an emotional unit central to understanding the development and future life-course of a child.



Dr. Anne S. McKnight has been the Director of the Bowen Center since January 1, 2011.

Dr. McKnight has been a member of the Bowen Center faculty since 1992. Her activities have included directing, teaching, and supervising in the postgraduate training programs, leading the internship program, organizing and presenting at conferences sponsored by the Bowen Center and at meetings nationally and internationally. As a family therapist for 40 years, she developed a special interest in families with addiction from working, teaching, and supervising students in a child and family substance abuse program in Virginia. Among other topics, she has presented on Families with Addiction, The Relationship World of the Young Adult, Death in the Family, Looking Up the Family Tree, Epigenetics and Bowen Theory, and Ethics in Family Therapy.

Dr. Anne McKnight is a family therapist in private practice in Arlington, VA and at the Bowen Center.