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2nd International Conference on Bowen Family Systems Theory
Systems Thinking in Daily Life:
Bowen Theory in Families, Organizations and Communities
MAY 17-19, 2018 (THURS - SAT)

Venue:  Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, HONG KONG


First Time in Asia !

This conference will bring together leaders and  students of Bowen Theory, as well as  newcomers to Bowen Theory from all over the world.  Local and international attendees will have the opportunities to share their learning on the theory and practice of Bowen Theory in families, organizations, and communities.  This Conference will be a valuable forum for dialogue with different nationals on the practice and challenges of being a responsible self in a variety of social contexts across geographical, socio-economic, cultural, and political boundaries.


Attendees will have the opportunities to:

  • enrich their understanding of systems thinking, to develop greater capacity to see the "big picture", the reciprocity and interrelationships in human systems.
  • learn ways to enhance resilience and effective self-management in the home, clinical, organization and community contexts with systems thinking.  
  • examine and address social phenomena in varied social contexts and cultures through the systems perspective.
  • explore training and research ideas that bridge cultural and geographical boundaries, using Bowen theory as a guiding theoretical framework.


What is Bowen Theory?

Bowen theory is a theory about human behaviour and relationships that view the family as an emotional unit and uses systems thinking to describe the complex interactions in the unit. It was developed by the late psychiatrist, Dr. Murray Bowen (1913-1990) in the 1960s.  The theory has eight interlocking concepts.  Its core assumption is that an emotional system that evolved over several billion years  in the human species govern human relationship systems.  Through knowledge of how the  emotional system functions in one's family, work and social system, Bowen theory offers a blue print for solving problems in each of these areas.   Bowen theory has been applied to many domains such as family life, clinical work, faith communities, organizational management, businesses, and communities.

The ISS Family Institute, local and international students and leaders of Bowen theory will offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in systems theory in daily life.


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Accommodation Information

We have made special arrangement with the Park Hotel Hong Kong to offer  special rates for our Conference attendees. 

Park Hotel Hong Kong - Details

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Tourist Information

Average cost for meals and local travel: US$40-75 / day




Post-Conference Local Recreation Tours (May 20, 2018)

Depending on the number of attendees indicating interest, tour(s) to one or more of the following places will be organized, and led by our COF (Circle of Friends) ambassadors:

  (a)  Stanley + Repulse Bay + Causeway Bay

  (b)  Tai po area

  (c)  Lamma island 

  (d)  Ngong Ping 360 + Big Buddha  


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