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Module D: Group Supervision

Supervision groups can provide a nurturing environment to further our learning of Bowen theory. In the clinical supervision groups, participants will learn to

  • Define and identify the emotional processes of clients, and also
  • Work on one’s differentiating efforts with the client systems or significant systems.

 Each supervision group will have no more than 6 members.

In Bowen theory, supervision is not only about discussion on clinical strategies and management of self of the counselor in the counselling session, but it’s also about the applications of Bowen theory in a person’s life, e.g. in clinical work, work relationships/settings, and family /personal life. So members can discuss their clinical cases, as well as challenges faced in daily life and work settings. Learning how to manage self in these areas is a significant area of supervision. Helping members to identify self or family of origin issues that have impact on their clinical work or relationships with others is thus important.


Group with 6 members:

$4,100 / person for 6 sessions (each session: 3 hours)
$3,900 / person (COF)

Group with 5 members:

$4,920 / person for 6 sessions (each session: 3 hours)
$4,680 / person (COF)


International Social Service Hong Kong Branch 6/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong



You may download the application form as below, or proceed for online enrollment. 

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