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Parenting Workshops - Be a Responsible Parent & Raise Amazing Children
Workshop objective 

The workshop aims to enable parents to view various parenting challenges in a systemic framework instead of cause-and-effect approach. Once equipped with new perspectives in daily interactions with their children, they will learn to become more proficient in managing difficult situations within the family that leads to more satisfying parenting experience.

Duration – 3 sessions; 2 hours each (1.5 hours lecture; 30 minutes discussion)
Schedule - Nov 9, 23, 30, 2019 (Sat) 2 - 4 pm
Fee: $300 / session $800 (3 sessions)

Workshop Details

Session 1     2019.11.9 (Sat) 2 - 4 pm

Decode parenting phenomena in today’s Hong Kong 

• Interesting facts about Hong Kong parents 
• What are the drivers behind these behaviours
• Understanding stress and anxiety of many parents 
• Learn how to break this vicious cycle

Session 2     2019.11.23 (Sat) 2- 4 pm

Calmer parents raise better-performing children

• Well-being of parents in Hong Kong
• Intricate relationship between parents’ emotions and children’s well-being
• How to manage one’s anxiety
• Reciprocal functioning within a family
• Case studies

Session 3 –     2019.11.30 (Sat)  2 - 4 pm

Positive impact for generations to come

• The emotional process within a family generates a repeatable pattern for many generations
• For better or for worse … depends on our actions today
• The know-how of being a more responsible parent


Mrs. Janis You, M.Soc. Sc. (Counselling)

Mrs. Janis You is a communications and marketing specialist in the commercial sector. She started studying Bowen family systems theory since 2012, and has been a part-time family counsellor using Bowen Family Systems theory. She is an active member at the Hong Kong-based ISS Family Institute.

Apart from coaching individuals, couples and families as a unit using the systems theory, Janis also gives presentations and talks on the application of Bowen theory in day-to-day lives. Her most recent work is presented at the 2018 Second International Conference on Bowen Family System Theory in Hong Kong, where she presented the formation of societal regression and how it is expressed in the Chinese cultures. In her commercial role as an Asia-Pacific head of brand and communications at a global financial institution, she is responsible for charting the overall communications strategy for the firm across ten markets in the region. She also mentors marketing and communications professionals to ensure relevant strategies and plans are executed within the firm.

Janis graduated with an Honors degree in journalism from Texas State University in the United States and a Master's degree in Social Science (Counselling) with Distinction in Psychology Counseling from the University of Hong Kong. She also completed the CFA Institute Investment Foundations™ certificate program in 2014.

Mrs. You is married with a pre-teen daughter.


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