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Bowen Family Systems Theory: Self, Family and Relationships
A Series of Lectures and Workshops by Michael E. Kerr, M.D.

Copies of the DVD set recording the entire 2010 Bowen Theory Conference: Lectures and workshops by Dr. Michael E. Kerr on “Self, Family and Relationships” held on April 23-26, 2010 in Hong Kong are available for sale. This DVD set covers a very rich and comprehensive presentation of Bowen theory, as well as the many aspects about application of the theory in clinical practice, personal and family life with case illustrations by Dr. Michael E. Kerr, widely recognized as one of the foremost teachers of the Bowen theory in the field.

  • Standard Price - HK$810
  • ISSFI Circle of Friends (COF) - HK$640

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One Family’s Story - A Primer on Bowen Theory (Chinese Version)
一個家庭的故事 - 博域理論入門

Please click here to view the Chinese version.

This is the first publication of the Bowen Center being translated into the Chinese language (Complex character). 

  • Standard price: HK$70


One Family’s Story - A Primer on Bowen Theory
Michael E. Kerr

Originally written for the Bowen Center’s website, this booklet has become very popular.

Dr. Kerr takes a new approach to presenting the eight concepts in an effort to make the theory more easily understood to a wide audience. He recounts the story of a fictional family to describe and explain each concept.

It is hoped that One Family’s Story will bring the theory alive for all who read it and will encourage them to pursue the benefits of applying it in their own lives.

  • Standard price: HK$90 (Postage Separately)

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