Services for Migrants

Provision of Assistance for Non-Refoulement Claimants

Resources & Articles

  • 1/12/2015-Notice to Service Users (Lifting of food coupon restrictions)
    In English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Vietnamese and Bahasa
  • 22/5/2015-Notice to Service Users (Provision of Assistance for Non-refoulement Claimants
  • 2/4/2015-Statement of Apology from Refugee Union HK
  • 2/4/2015-Statement of Apology from Vision First
  • 23/9/2014-Statement on food supply for asylum Seekers and torture claimants (Chinese version only)
  • 14/5/2014-Reply to Vision First's open letter
  • 14/4/2014-ISS-HK Filed Writ of Summons against Vision First for Defamation
  • 28/2/2014-Injunction Order Continued