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Guangzhou-Hong Kong Integrated Service Centre


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  • Objectives

    Established in 2008 and the first of its kind in Guangdong Province, the Integrated Service Centre is jointly operated by ISS-HK and the Guangzhou Feng Yuen Street Government Office with professional social workers providing comprehensive social services for the community.

  • Service Contents
    • Social Worker Supporting Service:Social workers receive regular professional development training, assessment and advice on expanding service delivery alongside with the reinforcement of supervision on their services.
    • Family and Marital Counselling: Free consultations are provided by professional social workers to enhance family harmony.
    • Community Rehabilitation: Consultation services are provided by professional social workers to help people with deviant behavior and their families handle their problems and reintegrate into the society.
    • Legal consultation and related services are provided by legal professionals to service users.
    • Volunteer Work: organize and coordinate volunteer work in the community and provide necessary training.
    • Elderly Service: Coordinate and provide services to the elderly in the Feng Yuan Street community including the provision of daily care, emotional support, meals and emergency assistance.
    • 24-hour emergency call service for the elderly.
    • Employment Counselling: Provide employment counselling services mainly to the unemployed, enhance their job seeking skills and recommend suitable jobs.
    • Enquiry Service: Provide necessary assistance to people seeking help via hotlines or in person.


  • Contact Information

    Address: G/F, Feng Yuan Street Community Service Centre, 8 He Jia Ci Dao, Wen Chang Bei Lu, Li Wan District, Guangzhou, China (view on map)
    Tel: (86-20) 8195 4683