ISS Family Institute


The ISS Family Institute (ISSFI) was founded in October, 2002 to enhance the functioning of individuals, families and the society through the use of Bowen family systems theory. Its name was changed to ISS Wofoo Family Institute from November, 2005 to Sept. 31, 2014 in appreciation of the support of Wofoo Social Enterprises.  Much gratitude is due to Wofoo Social Enterprises for its support of the Family Institute in the provision of office space, rent discounts and sponsorship of the project on Validation of the Chinese Version of the Differentiation of Self Inventory (2002) . Due to relocation, the Family Institute was renamed as ISS Family Institute starting from Oct. 1, 2015.

Bowen Family Systems Theory provides a unique approach to solving human problems through the conceptual framework which views the  family as an emotional system governed by emotional forces common in other forms of natural life, and through strategies to enhance the individual’s capacity to manage self in his/her relationship systems.

Guided by Bowen family systems theory, The ISS Family Institute provides training, consultation and supervision services for helping professionals, as well as educational programmes, and counseling services for the community of Hong Kong.

The ISS Family Institute is self-financed.  Its operating expenses are supported by fees from counselling service and training programmes, sale of publication and video recordings.

The Family Institute endeavours to promote a new way of seeing human relationships, self-change and the development of a “responsible I” as pathways for creating effective interpersonal relationships, and a healthy society. 

The mission of the ISS Family Institute is:

  • To advance the understanding of Bowen family systems theory in Hong Kong, and the Asian cultural context through training programs, conferences, counselling services and publications.
  • To promote the application of Bowen family systems theory in different areas and settings, such as parenting, organizations, counselling, and religious groups.
  • To enhance individual functioning and human relationships through effective use of Bowen family systems theory.