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Bowen Family Systems Theory: Self, Family and Relationships
A Series of Lectures and Workshops by Michael E. Kerr, M.D.

The DVD set recorded the entire series of the 2010 Bowen Theory Conference on 23-26 April 2010 in Hong Kong. It covers a very rich and comprehensive presentation of the Bowen theory, as well as the many aspects about application of the theory in clinical practice, personal and family life with case illustrations by Dr. Michael E. Kerr, widely recognized as one of the foremost teachers of the Bowen theory in the field.

Michael E. Kerr, MD is Director Emeritas of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, Washington, DC. He had a close twenty-year association with Dr. Murray Bowen. He has devoted his professional life to the understanding, application and extension of Bowen theory. Dr. Kerr is the co-author with Dr. Bowen of Family Evaluation: An Approach Based on BowenTheory published by W.W. Norton & Company in 1988.


8 DVDs (16 hours of instruction) featuring:
Public Lecture, 2-Day Workshop and 1-Day Workshop



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Managing the Emotional Self: Application of the Bowen Family Systems Theory to the Treatment of Relationship Problems
  • Why do Siblings Often Turn Out Very Differently?
  • Getting a Handle on the Variable of Chronic Anxiety
  • 2 Case Summaries and Discussion
Being a Self without being Selfish or Selfless: The Process of Differentiation of Self
  • The Shift from Individual/Cause-and-Effect Thinking to the Family as an Emotional Unit, an Emotional System
  • Triangles (with animated powerpoint)
  • Basic Principles Guiding Efforts to Increase “Self”
  • 4 Case Summaries and Discussion
Making a Difference in Self and Family: Applications of Bowen Family Systems Theory
  • Historical perspective 
  • The family as an emotional unit 
  • Clinical vignette to illustrate emotional fusion, unresolved symbiosis, unresolved emotional attachment
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Clinical vignette to illustrate the escalation of chronic anxiety in a family system and an effort towards increased differentiation
  • The triangle