Services in Mainland China

Expectation Management Project (Shenzhen)

  • Objectives

    ISS-HK has been commissioned by the Home Affairs Department to implement the project in Futian, Shenzhen since October 2011.


    • To allow service users to have a better understanding of resources in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and have a more realistic expectation of studying or settling in Hong Kong
    • To facilitate the early adaptation of service users to the life in Hong Kong, to nurture their sense of belonging, to enhance their self confidence and to develop their potentials


    • Enhance the understanding of service users in community resources and circumstances in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
    • Improve the language skills of service users
    • Assist service users to expand their social life and social support network
    • Enhance the resilience of service users in cope with adversity, emotional issues and stress
    • Strengthen sense of belonging to Hong Kong and civil consciousness in service users
  • Whom We Serve
    • Prospective settlers to Hong Kong (those eligible to apply for permanent residency to Hong Kong but waiting for approval of their One-Way Permit) and their families
    • New arrivals from Mainland China living in Shenzhen (including Hong Kong-born residents or One-Way Permit holders e.g. cross-boundary students and their families) who choose to live in Shenzhen
  • Service Contents
    • Training courses
    • Support network
    • Community education
  • Service Hours

    Tue-Thur: 9am-1pm / 2pm-5pm
    Fri: 11am-1pm / 2pm-5pm
    Mon, Sat, Sun: Closed
    Public Holidays of Hong Kong and Shenzhen: Closed

  • Contact Information

    Tel: (86-755) 8829 3457,(86) 189 3891 8989
    Address: A010, G/F, Hui Gang Ming Yuan, 3099 Bin He Da Dao, Futian, Shenzhen 518033(view on map)