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Being a self in intimate relationships – Movie Discussion “The Joy Luck Club” (BV 04/20)

Being a self in intimate relationships

Movie Discussion “The Joy Luck Club”

22/8/2020 (Sat) 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Online Attendance Available

This is an extraordinary movie depicting the touching stories of four young women struggling to be a better self in their relationship with their partners and mothers.

How to be a self without being selfish or selfless?

Is love about denying self and sacrificing for the other? If so, to what extent should one sacrifice?

A devoted wife focused on meeting the needs of her husband was met with the husband’s aloofness and betrayal with his involving in an extra-marital affair. How do the problems develop?

An aggressive and competitive woman coveting the affirmation of her mother. How can one free oneself from such bondage, so that he/she can be free to be oneself, not bound by his/her perception of the expectation of others on self?

We invite you to view this movie and join our discussion!

Facilitator: Mrs. Peggy Chan, M.Ed., R.S.W.

Mrs. Peggy Chan will share her conceptualization and ideas of dealing with the above situations based on Bowen family systems theory.  Bowen theory offers valuable ideas on how to understand our relationships, on building a solid sense of self and build effective and meaningful relationships with others.


In response to the current outbreak, please watch the movie “The Joy Luck Club” by yourself first. Then participate the movie discussion online.

Below are the link of the movie “The Joy Luck Club” on different platform.

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Course Code

BV 04/20


22 August, 2020


3:00 – 5:30 pm


Mrs. Peggy Chan, M.Ed., R.S.W.




Public: HKD $75 ; COF Member: Free

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