1st prize 第一奖       No. 023806               
2nd prize 第二奖   No. 023008
3rd prize  第三奖   No. 012922
4th prize  第四奖   No. 012937
5th prize  第五奖   No. 024305
6th prize 第六奖   No. 002759
7th prize  第七奖   No. 025085
8th prize 第八奖   No. 002958
9th prize 第九奖   No. 002317
10th prize 第十奖   No. 003109


得奖者请先致电2834 6863登记,并于二零二零年四月二十九日或之前持得奖奖券正本往本社办事处(地址:香港湾仔轩尼诗道130号修顿中心6楼)领奖,逾期作废。如有任何争议,香港国际社会服务社有最终的决定权。(奖券活动牌照:4743)

Winners should first call 2834 6863 and then collect prizes at the ISS Hong Kong office at 6/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong by presenting the original winning tickets on or before 29 April 2020. Late redemption will not be processed. In case of dispute, the decision of International Social Service Hong Kong Branch shall be final and conclusive. (Lottery Licence No.: 4743)



Thank you for supporting the ISS-HK Lottery and Congratulations to all lottery winners.