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ISS' Got Talent Scholarship 2023

$10,000 Scholarship Winners  X 14

$6,500 Merit Prize Winners  X 10

Plus gifts, experience and more!

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of ISSHK, we are adding 10 merit prizes of $6,500 each. All winners will receive gifts, take part in a visit and the prize presentation party cum talent showcase.


  • Only children between 3 to 17 years of age currently receiving service from ISS-HK

Note: Applicants will need to cite an ISS-HK programme having taken part recently or name of an ISS-HK staff member that can refer you when you enroll


  • Kids Group: Age 3 – 9
  • Teenagers Group: Age 10-17


  • 14 Scholarships of $10,000: 7 in Kids Group, 7 in Teenagers Group
  • 10 Merit Prizes of $6,500: 5 in Kids Group , 5 in Teenagers Group
  • All prize money could only be spent on courses/classes/training for the winner’s talent, and/ or enrollment in relevant examinations/accreditations
  • Award winners will receive gifts from sponsors and may take part in a guided tour at the premises and studio of Baron School of Music. They will also be invited to attend the prize presentation party cum talent showcase


  • Click here to enroll
  • Fill in the form and input a YouTube link of a video clip (no more than 3 minutes long) OR / AND a powerpoint to demonstrate your talents


8 September 2023

Results will be announced in November

Click here for winning entries of ISS' Got Talent Scholarship 2022


Important Points to Note

  • Winners will claim their scholarship in reimbursement (capped at a total of $10,000 OR $6,500) with receipts of relevant courses/classes/training enrolled and completed from Nov2023 to Oct 2024 and / or receipts of enrollment in relevant examinations or accreditations.
  • Winners can reimburse by batches within the said period via an ISS-HK staff member. Details are subject to negotiation with and permission from ISS-HK.
  • ISS-HK reserves the right to the final decision on the granting of Scholarhips and Merit prize money.
  • ISS-HK reserves the right to use all applicant’s submission of videos, photos and visuals for publicity purpose.