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ISS' Got Talent Scholarship 2023 Results Out!

The results of the ISS’ Got Talent Scholarship 2023 are out! This year, we received over 100 applications, the highest number since the campaign’s launch. Participants demonstrated a diverse range of talents, including musical instruments playing, singing, visual arts, dance, Cantonese opera, and various sports. The wide variety and high caliber of talents presented made the scoring process challenging for judges comprising our sponsors.

The winners of the seven scholarships in the kids and teenagers’ categories have been notified by email. Each of them will receive a scholarship of $10,000, which can be claimed in reimbursement for enrolling in interest classes or training courses, or for taking relevant exams or qualifications. In addition, five merit awards of $6,500 for the same purpose and claimed in the same format each have been selected across both categories as an encouragement.

The award presentation ceremony cum talent showcase will take place on 3 December, and all winners will be notified of further details. We sincerely hope that all the winners will make good use of the scholarships and continue to grow on their learning journey. Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation!