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Beyond Race - Hong Kong is Home

To bring together the ethnic minority community and the local people to promote racial harmony, diversity, equality and integration, acceptance and support for the diversified cultures and communities, HOPE Support Service Centre for ethnic minorities will be organizing an event called “Beyond Race”- Hong Kong is Home, under the sponsorship of the Home Affairs Department, HKSAR Government.

This is a race event amongst groups of people racing in different districts of Hong Kong and performing organized tasks laid out at each pit stop, which is a local and ethnic minority point of interest. The first team to reach the finish point will be the winner! Details of the event are as follows:

Starting and Ending Point: Chater Garden, Central

Routes: Cover HK Island and Kowloon


1st prize worth $7500 cash coupons for whole team

2nd prize worth $4500 cash coupons for whole team

3rd prize worth  $3000 cash coupons for whole team

Each route will have one 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively – participants will get certificates, medals and other prizes

Enroll as participant:

Join us as volunteer:

*Volunteers will be assigned to station at the HOPE booth on Charter Road, at one of the 12 pitstops at various locations in Hong Kong Island or Kowloon, or at starting and ending points to help with various tasks to ensure the smooth execution of the whole event. Volunteers must complete one voluntary workshop prior to the event.  

**Food and Travel Allowance as well as Race Gear  will be provided for both Participants and Volunteers.

For more details please visit:

16th October 2022 (Sunday) 08:30 am till 3:00 pm
Chater Garden, Central
Free of Charge ($100 deposit for registration which is fully refunded after event)
Telephone: 28363598, WhatsApp: 52288714, Email: