Services for Families

Shamshuipo (South) Integrated Family Service Centre

  • Objectives

    Assist members in the local community to address personal and family problems so as to maintain the integrity of families and foster harmony among families and people.


    • Early identification of and timely response to problems
    • Enhance the problem resolving skills of individuals and families
    • Strengthen and consolidate family functioning and harmony
    • Establish a mutual aid society by connecting local resources
  • Whom We Serve

    Residents within the boundary of Shamshuipo (South) District

  • Service Contents

    III. Family Counselling Unit

    1. Intensive Counselling Service
    2. Therapeutic Groups
    3. Crisis Intervention

    II. Family Support Unit

    1. Referral Service for community resources
    2. Mutual Help Groups
    3. Developmental and supportive Groups
    4. Parent-child Programme
    5. Short-term Counselling Service
    6. Supportive Groups

    I. Family Resource Unit

    1. Family Support Programme
    2. Drop-in Service
    3. Family Life Education
    4. Consultation Service
    5. Volunteer Development
    6. Recreational and Community Activities
  • Project Content

    (1) Family Support Programme

    In order to enhance vulnerable families (including families and individuals affected by domestic violence, psychiatric problems and social isolation), which are unmotivated to seek help to address their problems at an early stage, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) has implemented the Family Support Programme (FSP) since 2007 in Integrated Family Service Centres (IFSCs)/Integrated Services Centres (ISCs), Family and Child Protective Services Units and Psychiatric Medical Social Services Units.

    Under the FSP, relevant services units recruit and train volunteers to be "Family Support Personnel", including those who had personal experience in overcoming similar problems or crises. Social workers responsible for the programme and Family Support Personnel would introduce the needy to various support services available and motivate them to receive appropriate services through home visits, phone calls and other outreaching services to prevent their problems from deteriorating.

    For any enquiries, please call 2386 6967.

  • Service Fees

    While counselling service is free of charge, a nominal fee is charged for groups and programmes. Details can be found in promotional materials.

  • Service Entry

    Enquiries and applications can be made through telephone, email or fax. Alternatively, you may apply in person at our centre or through referrals.

  • Service Exit

    Social workers/ staff will review the progress of consultation with the service users from time to time before determining to terminate the service.

    Service users can also contact social workers/ staff to request service withdrawl.

  • Service Hours

    Mon: 9am-1pm / 2pm-8pm
    Tue-Sat: 9am-1pm / 2pm-5pm
    Sun & public holiday: Closed

  • Contact Information

    Address: G/F., High Block, Nam Cheong Community Centre, Nam Cheong Estate, Shamshuipo, Kowloon. (view on map)
    Tel : 23866967
    Fax : 23863231
    E-mail: sspsifsc@isshk.org