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Study Group on “Bowen Theory’s Secrets” (by Michael E. Kerr, 2019)

Study Group on “Bowen Theory’s Secrets” (by Michael E. Kerr, 2019)


The study group is a self-learning group to enhance understanding of Bowen theory by reading designated texts on Bowen theory. This study group will read Dr. Michael E. Kerr’s new book, Bowen Theory’s Secrets which is a very good text on Bowen theory with rich case illustrations. The book comprises 4 parts, 1. Core Concepts in Bowen Theory, 2. The Process of Differentiation, 3. Applying Bowen Theory to Families in the Public Eye, 4. Special Applications. Participants may present a summary of the reading, or a specific concept / emotional process found in the reading, or a case that reflects some specific issue / concept covered in the reading. Participants will take turns to facilitate the group discussion.


The study group is not a substitute for formal training in Bowen theory.

Participants should undergo formal training in Bowen theory, supplemented by reading or joining study groups.



  • to promote self-learning of Bowen theory
  • to promote participants’ initiative to identify concepts of interest or of challenge to self
  • to enhance integration of the theory




Course Code: SG-BTS 01/23
Date & Time: Mar 30, Apr 4, May 1, Jun 6 , Jul 3, Aug 7, Sep 7, Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7, 2023 & Jan 4, Feb 1, 2024
8:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Fee: HK$1,300
COF Membership: HK$1,200 (12 monthly sessions)
Venue: Zoom (Online)
Target: Participants should have had basic training in Bowen theory.
Language: Cantonese

Group members will take turn to facilitate the group and lead the discussion.



You may download the application form as below, or proceed for online enrollment. 

Click here for application form in word format
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