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ISS' Got Talent Scholarship 2022

With good response to the debut version last year, we are launching “ISS’ Got Talent Scholarship 2022” with the following enhancements:
  •  Applicants can enroll in either Junior Group (for 3-9 years of age) or Teenagers Group (for 10-17 years of age)
  • There will be 7 winners in each Group (4 more winners than last year!)
  • Other than spending the scholarship amount on courses/classes/training for his or her hobby, the winner can also use it to enroll in relevant examinations/accreditations, with all expenses caped at the maximum amount of $10,000 per winner (claimed in form of reimbursement)
Please click here for details of the campaign. Enrollment is in this link and deadline is 31August! 
*Only current ISS-HK service users are eligible for the Scholarship. Applicants will be verified by the service unit as indicated in the enrollment form.